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SSI, Annual Meeting 2016, President’s Report


Dear friends and colleagues

I look forward to meet you in Montreux for the annual meeting 1.-2. September. We will share two days together, discuss science, medical practice and also the situation and future of our society in a changing and challenging environment.

The implementation of the new epidemics law and the start of the federal programs on antibiotic resistance (StAR) and on nosocomial infections (NOSO) mirrors the threat of these topics for our patients and public health. We have to and will involve ourselves in these action plans. Many of our members especially those who are part of Swissnoso will be active in NOSO. As president of the SSI, I am member of the StAR-M core group, StAR-M being the “human medicine” part of StAR. Together with Swissnoso and members of the Swiss Society of Microbiology we have submitted a proposal to the FOPH to take the lead in recommendations regarding antimicrobial stewardship and use of antibiotics.

At our last general assembly in Interlaken and at the extraordinary assembly 4.12.2015 we decided on the sub-speciality title Infection Prevention in Healthcare. We have submitted the proposal to SIWF. This sub-title will further strengthen the position of ID physicians as the experts in the field, which is important in the era of the federal strategies mentioned above.

In July 2017 our society has to get accreditation for the “Weiterbildungsprogramm/Programme de Formation Postgraduée” in infectious diseases according the new regulations of the “Schweizerisches Institut für ärztliche Weiter- und Fortbildung (SIWF/ISFM)”. Our program dates back to 1999 and isn’t adapted to the requirements any-more. A subgroup of the committee led by Christian van Delden and Nicolas Müller have worked enormously on the SSI post-graduate program the last years and months, and they will present the document at our meeting. I am confident that our society will strengthen the way we’ve undertaken and that we will be able to submit our program in time to be able to further form specialized physicians in our fascinating field. Hopefully, they will then be active in our society as the 17 colleagues who apply for a new ordinary SSI membership during our this year’s assembly.

We tried to bring the aspects of SSI into TarMed (C. Scheidegger) und DRG (N. Müller). The aspects of our society would have been quite well represented in the TarMed proposal of the FMH. Unfortunately, this proposal was not accepted in the general ballot vote of FMH in May 2016. We will continue to bring in our views in this increasingly difficult field.

There are not only “political” hurdles. Also in the coming year, the field of infectious diseases will surprise us with new challenges similar as this year’s Zika epidemic, the super-resistant bugs, revival of anthrax due to global warming etc. If we remain alert we will detect hitherto unseen outbreaks such as the M.chimaera infections after open-heart surgery found by our friends from Zurich. And we will continue our success stories such as treating HIV- and HCV-infection with less side effects and turn the treatment-as-prevention approach into reality. By doing our work we continue to provide our patients the best medical care, and we will also have a major impact on public health, especially if we achieve meaningful and widely accepted antimicrobial stewardship programs in the health-care settings we are responsible for.

I hope you like the new face, the new website, of SSI and SAFE-ID. We tried to implement some of your suggestions with the limited budget available.

A warm thank-you to all my friends of the committee for their immense voluntary work, to my personal assistant Annelies Luginbühl, to the team of SAFE-ID that is crucial for our continuing medical education, and of course to all of you, whose active memberships constitute the most colorful medical society that I’m proud to be allowed to be the president of for another year.


Let’s keep swinging


Hansjakob Furrer


Joint Annual Meeting in Montreux: IMK photos




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Our Society was founded in 1990.



At the moment we have 299 members in our Society.


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  • To offer a high quality training program in infectious diseases compatible with profesional requirements in Switzerland and Europe.
  • To continue to develop a high level of research (both basic and clinical) in infectious diseases in Switzerland.
  • To improve the infrastructure to pursue these activities.
  • To educate the medical profession on problems related to infectious diseases.
  • To promote awareness in the medical community of our activities.
  • To promote public awareness of public health issues such as the development of resistance in common microorganisms.