Members, Committee and Commissions

List of all our Members





Ordinary Individual Members

The holders of an FMH certificate in infectiology or all other

doctors who fulfill the requirements of the certificate.


Extraordinary Individual Members

All persons who have finished their university studies and are interested in the field of infectious diseases.


Group Members 

Institutions, industrial and commercial enterprises or other legal entities.


Honored Members 

All persons that SSI wishes to honor specially.


Retired Members

Ordinary and extraordinary members who have ceased their professional acivities.


Associate Members

Members of the Swiss Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology can request to become Associate Members of SSI and vice versa.


Membership Application


The requirements for a membership are described in the bylaws of the Society, Article 5-10 (d, f). 
The bylaws are available in German and in French.


Membership Application: please  fill out the application form, and send it to: